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The following is the history of Pangyo Techno Valley and future schedules:


2004 Dec. 30 Approval for the Pangyo New Town Enforcement Plan
(Pangyo Techno Valley (661,157m²) designated special district planning zones)
2006 Mar. 14 Approval for the Changed Enforcement Plan (In reflection of establishment of the District Unit Plan of Pangyo New Town
Apr. 27 Started the site renovation work (Completed on December 14, 2009)
May. 04 Announced recruitment of contractors
Jun. 23 Primary selection of contractors
Aug. 31 Secondary selection of contractors
2009 Dec. 31 Completed the land development work for housing
2011 May. 31 Concluded the 3rd contractor agreement (Land for general research, 7 lots)
Jul. 21 Established Pangyo Techno Valley Support Division in Gyeonggi Institute of Science & Technology Promotion
2012 Jul. 11 Opening ceremony of the Global R&D Center
Jul. Consortium construction completed (20 of 44)
2014 Apr. Pangyo Technovalley Support Division relocated to Public Support Center
2015 Mar. Public Support Center renamed to Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
Mar. 30 Opening ceremony of the Gyeonggi Center for Creative Economy & Innovation
2016 Mar. 22 Opening ceremony of the Startup Campus
Mar. Consortium construction completed (43 of 44)