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What is Pangyo Techno Valley?

Pangyo Techno Valley is an advanced and innovative cluster focused on the fusion technologies to reinforce the self-sufficiency function.
This is an advanced and innovative cluster (R&D Complex) focused on IT, BT, CT, NT and fusion technologies, developed to reinforce the national competitiveness and the self-sufficiency function of Pangyo New Town under the initiative of the central government and Gyeonggi-do.


  • Location & Area : side the land for housing of Pangyo New Town/ 661,000㎡
  • Project Period : 2005~2015
Use for Supply Total Area Introduced Functions
Total 661,000㎡  
Land for the Invited Researches 661,000㎡ Invitation and attraction of the global R&D companies, etc.
in accordance with the political necessity to activate the complex.
Land for the Invited Researches 267,000㎡ Research function like the integrated facilities and the joint R&D center, etc. for R&D activities
Land for Research Support 118,000㎡ Each type of support functions to support research activities and to activate the complex
Parking Lot 228,000㎡ Parking lot, green area and roads, etc.

Characteristics of the Pangyo Techno Valley

Locational benefit of the wide area inside the capital zone.

Together with the locational merit as a giant consumer market in the capital area, Pangyo can create the diverse synergy effects because access to SANGAM DMC, Teheran Valley, GURO Digital Complex in Seoul and the adjacent knowledge-based infrastructure clusters like Gwanggyo and Ansan, etc. in the province.

Systematic Business Support System of Gyeonggido

In order to provide the optimum business environment, support facilities like Global R&D Center, Public Support Center, Industry-Academy R&D Center, etc. were established and the Pangyo Techno Valley Support Team was installed under the Gyeonggi Institute of Science & Technology Promotion to provide the tailored-type business support programs for the tenant companies.

A business hub for IT, BT, CT and NT businesses that represent the Republic of Korea.

Growth potential in the field of the high-tech technology can be maximized through exchanges between the leading global-level technology innovation companies representing Korea in each field like SK CHEMICAL, POSCO ICT, SAMSUNG TECHWIN, LIG NEX 1, AHNLAB, NHN, etc., and the advanced technology related R&D centers like the SoC Promotion Center under ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) and the SoC Center under KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute), etc