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Welcome for visiting the homepage of Pangyo Techno Valley,

a futuristic home where the cutting-edge technologies
and the cultural arts co-exist.

Pangyo Techno Valley is a R&D complex focusing on IT, BT, CT and Fusion Technology, which was developed by Gyeonggi-do to reinforce the national competitiveness and self-sufficiency function of the Pangyo new town.

Together with the locational advantage as a giant consumer market in the capital area, Pangyo can raise the synergy effect because access to SANGAM DMC, Teheran Valley, GURO Digital Complex in Seoul and the adjacent clusters like Gwanggyo and Ansan, etc. in the province.

In addition, while having established the support facilities like Global R&D Center, Public Support Center and Startup campus, etc. to provide the optimum environment to the tenant companies, Pangyo Techno Valley systematically provides the diverse business support programs of Gyeonggido through the Pangyo Techno Valley Support Team.

In particular, Pangyo Techno Valley is the place where business activities can be maximized through mutual information exchanges with the research institutes related with high-tech technologies and the global companies like GE, etc.

We promise to exert all of our efforts to develop an optimum business environment and to support businesses so that Pangyo Techno Valley can stand as a future-oriented model of the Republic of Korea. Your deep concerns and encouragements would be appreciated. Thank you.

Startup Campus